My Succeeded  Motivation (Erasmus Mundus Scholarship)

Portugal is a famous country in technology European which leads my interest in applying for Master

in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship as my academic major provided by University of

Porto and support by Erasmus Mundus (Lotus plus Project) for further understanding of how it can

be used effectively with behavioral, rather than technical approach. I wish to learn on the impact of

technology on individual, group and organization performance by focusing on developing an

understanding of how Technology changes both the processes and outcomes of work within an

organization. As currently Cambodia’s country policy is promoting Small and Medium Enterprises

(SMEs) as one of the main economics driving tools, I determine to academically seek for in-depth

view on the topic “Maintaining and improving quality of Cambodian SMEs’ business processes with

Technologies Intelligence adaptation” as a subject of research for my Master Degree. Added up to

the school study program, I will actively go on self-study with other related materials and especially

learning from the technological trend of Portugal. In order to achieve this goal with optimal outcome,

I plan to divide my study plan into two main parts.

The first part is the Portuguese language study will provide by UP. It will serve me as a great

foundation to learn about Portugal culture, norm, and tradition. Being able to read intellectual

reading materials in Portuguese language will allow me to learn faster from Portuguese

experiences and give me the ability to effectively communicate and perceive the general

characteristics of Portuguese development as well. I will also be insight into Thai cultures with

comprehensive reading on books, success stories, and especially academic research that related

to my research plan. This will allow me to learn the cause of Portugal’s success which I believe

due to the ability to grant advantage from opportunity cost of Portuguese people with their

distinct characteristics. Still, I will learn precisely about that after I manage to interact with

Portuguese people and the country environment. In short, Portuguese language gives me the best

benefit for scholastic achievement as I can improve confidence in literacy skills, and cognitive

skills for academic purposes.

The second part is for another of academic life. I will form a proper study plan by scheduling most

productive hour to absorb ultimate goal of the core or complex courses and set less productive hour

with less complex or fun courses to encourage myself back to learning. Possibly, I will form

autonomous group discussion, or team to broaden knowledge with various learning activities through

proposing numerous Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship related projects as

sticking to the concept that “one person, one idea. Two persons, millions ideas”. Additionally, I am

also thinking about cultural exchange and knowledge sharing as one of my study plan because

learning is all about in-class and outside-school practices. I wish everyone to know where I originally

be and vice versa. Sharing and learning from everyone’s experience is also a part of best learning

techniques which I will surely pursue and share to class what I have encountered for my whole

academic life along with working life to serve as a small startup idea of understanding the society.

In conclusion, I am optimistic that this academic exchange provided by the Lotus Plus-Erasmus

Mundus will not only benefit me but my peers and Cambodia as a whole when returning home. Last

but not least, I am ready to challenge myself for myself, my family and my community.